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The Community of Sacred Practice offers ongoing InterSpiritual nourishment to our students, graduates and the larger community of spiritual seekers and practitioners. We invite you to start each morning with a time of sacred reading. Every day, we will post a daily reading right here and hope you will join with us in a time of sacred reflection, prayer, and meditation based on this reading. Each day's selection will consist of a short passage, and we've provided instructions for practice.

The Purpose of Spiritual Practice

People seldom understand the power of repetition. What is repeated over and over can become enduring; what is done in a moment is seldom lasting. If farmers do not tend to their fields every day, they cannot expect a harvest. The same is true of spiritual practice. It is not the grand declaration or the colorful initiation that means anything. It is only the daily living of a spiritual life that has meaning. Our progress may range from dull to spectacular, but we must accept both. Each and every day should be linked together, strung into a long line of prayer beads.

- Deng Ming-Dao

No life of genuine spiritual depth and maturity is possible without spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is the means of inner change and transformation, the vehicle for liberation from the false self, from the egocentric structures of consciousness that limit us and generate needless suffering. The purpose of spiritual practice is to wake us up, to realign us daily with what is deepest, truest, and most alive in ourselves and in life.

One practice that can be found in nearly every spiritual tradition is the practice of sacred reading. As with all spiritual practice, the purpose of this practice is to help us grow in clarity, wisdom, faith, equanimity, and kindness; to develop deep honesty and self-acceptance. It supports us in cultivating our ability to let go, our capacity to forgive and be forgiven, our capacity to be fully present and profoundly alive in this moment.

We practice in order to connect to the fire of love in the depths of the heart; to feel our connection to the whole of humanity and the whole of life; to strengthen our commitment to truth and deepen our trust in its liberating power; to drink from overflowing fountains of inspiration, creativity, and joy. We practice that we might learn to listen deeply, to open to grace, and to dedicate ourselves to channeling grace and blessing into the world.