Hear what people say about our Interfaith Seminary program

I celebrate Diane [Berke]’s commitment to teaching higher truths. She is a light that illuminates my life. I love her work and quote her frequently.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Diane Berke is a wonderful teacher & writer whose voice and message ought to be widely heard. Drawing from a depth & breadth of spiritual tradition & teaching, rich in its own wisdom & warmth, her work is a unique contribution to all of our hearts.

Marianne Williamson

As a psychotherapist with the belief that all people need a spiritual life in order to heal, I have found the One Spirit experience invaluable. It has deepened my personal relationships, my connection with my patients, with God and with myself.

Rev. Barbara H.

I loved the social activism – using what we learned at One Spirit to bring peace to the world. I am deeply disturbed by the state of affairs in this world – I feel I must do all I can to bring change and healing to some of the suffering given how blessed I am.

Rev. Robin L.

My One Spirit experience gave me a community based on authenticity and a safe grounded place to open to new ideas. The support I experienced was transformational and taught me the responsibility of listening to my heart.

Rev. Amber K.

The work that One Spirit is doing is necessary and invaluable to the healing and transformation of the planet. If we are to survive and grow in our world, we must transform ourselves through love and acceptance for all teachings, all people, and all cultures, everywhere. One Spirit is a leader in ...Read More

Rev. Cory C.

One Spirit provided the crucible, the safe and loving space for me to dare to explore and be open to who I am as a child of God. I had no idea in my mid-50’s that my life has barely begun. I am thrilled, exhilarated and stretched beyond what I ever imagined. At the same time, I feel that I’ve ...Read More

Rev. Carol C.

As a psychotherapist and university professor, I can safely say that the loving and highly gifted One Spirit faculty is a rare experience today in the world of multi-faith learning. If opening your hearts and minds to Spirit in a highly professional, transformative atmosphere is what you are looking ...Read More

Rev. Christine H., Ph.D.

One Spirit has offered me tools to be able to live in this world with integrity, honesty and love. Whether I choose to serve as a minister professionally or not, I know that my life has been enriched by my exposure to One Spirit and that I in turn have enriched the lives of those with whom I come ...Read More

Rev. Jay P.

One Spirit is the first organization that I’ve been involved with where the staff and faculty walk their talk, and that is not an easy thing to find. The two-year program was so well planned and thought out, gentle yet powerful which made the whole experience indescribable.

Rev. George K.

One Spirit is truly a spiritual approach relevant to the 21st Century. While honoring the wisdom contained in traditional religion, their approach creates an integrated context that brings the teachings alive and makes them accessible. But rather than just appreciating the different religious forms, ...Read More

Rev. Ron K.

I begin an internship at Four Winds Hospital (psychiatric) in February. Even more than my M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy, they are interested in my ministerial background and asked about One Spirit. More adolescent patients seemed to want to address spiritual questions and “God” issues. ...Read More

Rev. Katherine C.

Transfer Students

As a transfer student, I have found the formative experience of One Spirit to be extraordinary – in all ways. It is rigorous. It requires a person to “plumb their depths” and identify what needs to be healed within themselves. It gives one tools, insights and practices to work with one’s ...Read More

Rev. Susanne O.

Coming to One Spirit for my second year of seminary gave me the depth of teaching, the warmth of companionship, and the inspiration of example that I needed to develop interfaith ritual, ceremony, and my authentic voice. I was welcomed deeply and included sincerely by staff, faculty, and fellow students–a ...Read More

Rev. Clare N.