Distance Learning

Admissions are open to begin your journey with us in September of 2021. Please contact admissions@1spirit.org to have a conversation about joining the program.

On-site and Distance Learning Available

Classes are held once a month in our New York City classroom. Classes are Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am – 5:00pm ET.

The One Spirit Interfaith Seminary provides a well-developed distance learning component, with more than half of our current student body engaged as distance learners or as we call them "companion leaners." Living worldwide, students participate actively in the seminary program through live real time videoconference using Zoom. Click here for more information about this live videoconference technology.

Students are also supported in the following ways:

  • Private Class Website (Wisdom Web): Student participation on the private class website allows discussion about class topics, sharing of spiritual inspiration, prayer requests and much more.
  • Downloadable Audio Recordings: Recordings of the monthly class sessions held in New York are made available through Wisdom Web in the form of m4b Audiobooks each month. The m4b audiobook format can be played on a computer using iTunes as well as transferred from a computer to your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Other portable digital audio devices such as Android devices can play m4b audiobooks with an one of the many available audiobook player apps for Android. NOTE – while other software packages might be able to play the m4b audiobook format, OneSpirit staff can offer technical support for the iTunes system only.
  • Video Recordings: Recordings are also made of the Zoom videoconference each class. These are available on Wisdom Web for viewing but not for download.
  • Downloadable Files: All handouts, supporting materials, and audio files from each class are also available for download from Wisdom Web.
  • Study Groups: All students are required to participate in study groups, either with other students in their region or via video conferencing or conference calls.
  • Deans: Each student is assigned a Dean who provides educational support throughout the program through regular contact and review of monthly assignments.
  • Mentoring: Our mentoring program adds another layer of support to distance learners. When possible, mentors are assigned to students from the same geographic area.(This is optional.)
  • Telephone Support: Telephone support from your dean and the educational staff is also a part of the many ways our companion learners are supported throughout their seminary experience.

Companion (Distance) learning is inherently a different experience than in-person study. It requires a greater degree of independence and self-initiative. Nevertheless, our integrated use of technology in the program provides a rich, interactive and very participatory experience that most companion learning students find to be rich and life-enhancing, and are able to develop a strong sense of spiritual community with their classmates and colleagues over the course of the two-year training. Companion learning students are encouraged to attend class whenever feasible. All students, both companion learners and attending students, are required to attend the year-end Intensives held in New York.