"I’m ready to listen now.
I’ve heard your voice before.
Your way has been calling me.
Now I’m walking through the door."

— Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Spiritual Liberation

Greetings! We would first like to extend our warmest welcome and appreciation to you for choosing to explore the InterSpiritual Companioning & Counseling program (ISCC). No matter what your path has been to this point, we honor your willingness to follow the guidance that led you here.

Maybe it was curiosity about your purpose? Or a desire for a more fulfilling life that grew into a commitment to share your talents in an uplifting, meaningful way? Perhaps you’ve faced some challenging life circumstances that ignited your passion for service? On the other hand, you might just feel naturally drawn to contemplating life’s big questions and helping others navigate them. Or it may well be that you’ve already arrived at a place of strong clarity and readiness to commence your development as an Interspiritual Companion/Counselor.

Whatever the shape or sound of the unique call guiding you, we acknowledge and embrace it as a journey of the Heart.

Moreover, we encourage your exploration as a part of a broader collective awakening that is unfolding as more people seek inspiration, guidance, and a sense of belonging beyond traditional religious frameworks. As the opportunities, challenges, and connections we encounter in the world become more complex and expansive, there’s a growing understanding that fitting into ‘a neat spiritual box’ may no longer suffice.

While learning more about ISCC, we encourage you to continue contemplating the question of what speaks to your heart. How might this path of study help to nourish and cultivate the wisdom, healing, and brilliance that wants to be expressed through you? Or to live your truth as a spiritual seeker who inspires others by shining the light of your presence and dedication to conscious, compassionate action? How does the program align with your spiritual values, experiences, and growing edges? Your personal vision and goals?

Of course, we also welcome your questions and feedback regarding all aspects of the program. If we can be of assistance in supporting your process of exploration and discernment, please feel free to reach out to One Spirit’s Admissions.

Whichever next steps that await you, we affirm your clear seeing as Spirit continues to light your way.

With heartfelt gratitude and blessings,

The Interspiritual Companioning & Counseling Team
Rev. Nathan Brisby
Kara Coleman, MA/SC
Rev. Dr. Khadijah Matin
Rev. Dr. Ed O'Malley