One Spirit’s Interspiritual Companioning & Counseling (ISCC) Program is the premier professional development program for those who wish to support spiritual seekers in cultivating their inner wisdom as they explore the meaning of life, love, compassion, and inner peace; seek clarity about their purpose and place in the world; and nurture their relationship with the Divine, known by many names.

This program arose from the emergent and exciting interspiritual/interfaith movement, which recognizes that, although there are many faith traditions and spiritual paths, they share a common commitment to uplifting universal values of love, compassion, and service. Consequently, the ISCC curriculum is grounded in the understanding that these central values transcend differences in our spiritual beliefs, backgrounds, and life experiences.

We, therefore, welcome a diverse set of belief systems, religious traditions, and spiritual paths as we companion others through the uniqueness of their own spiritual journey, including:

  • those who are spiritual but not religious,
  • those who primarily practice within a singular religious tradition,
  • those who practice multiple traditions,
  • those who are agnostic or atheist, and
  • those with no religious tradition.

Our goal is to support ISCC students in deepening their own spiritual beliefs and practices while also exploring the gifts offered by many faith and wisdom traditions.

A Word on Racial Diversity and Decolonization

One Spirit is dedicated to the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion as we work to become an anti-racist organization.

Nigerian poet-philosopher Bayo Akomolafe encourages us to engage in this work with a very specific kind of urgency: “one which comes from the realization that the system is not the cause of our problems, it is a consequence of our separation from each other. It is a consequence of our complicity with our own destruction. In other words, we are the system we fight against."

This program is deeply dedicated to the ongoing work of anti-racism and decolonization within the program’s curriculum and features. We make space for and encourage discussions of anti-racism, diversity, belonging, inclusion, and radical equity.

Requirements for Program Completion

ISCC students are awarded a Certificate as an Interspiritual Companion/Counselor after the successful completion of:

A 9.5-month Core Curriculum that includes:

  • 23 live classes held every other week, where students engage in interactive discussions, faculty demonstrations, individual and group exercises, and supervised practicums.
  • eLearning modules featuring video and audio presentations, reflective exercises, and homework assignments that prepare students for each live class.
  • 3 credits of One Spirit electives
  • Monthly peer study group meetings.
  • Monthly mentoring with an ISCC Supervisor.
  • Independent study, reading assignments and homework.
  • Participation in individual interspiritual companioning/counseling sessions facilitated by an ISCC-approved practitioner.
  • Development and maintenance of an ongoing self care plan.
  • Conducting interspiritual companioning/counseling sessions 1-2x per month with assigned pro-bono clients.

One Concentration Track that allows for deeper development of Interspiritual Companioning/Counseling skills in a chosen area. Each concentration track consists of 8 live class sessions and corresponding eLearning modules, with course topics selected based on input from One Spirit students, alumni and faculty regarding current learning needs.

For the 2021-2022 year, we will offer four Concentrations (full descriptions on curriculum page):

  • Eco-Spirituality: Companioning Mother Earth.
  • The Heart of Resilience.
  • Spiritual Activism.
  • Companioning within the Workplace.
  • Please Note:
    Current ISCC students have the option of enrolling in more than one concentration track at an additional cost. See the Tuition section for more information.

    Past graduates of ISCC (or another qualified Spiritual Direction program) are also invited to apply for enrollment in one or more Concentration Tracks to support their ongoing personal and professional development. For more information, visit the One Spirit Workshops page.

    Satisfactory fulfillment of a final ISCC competencies review and assessment conducted by program faculty.