Our Learning Model

Through InterSpiritual Companioning & Counseling’s (ISCC) professional development program, students participate in heart-centered, intellectually stimulating learning experiences that not only enhance their skills in the art of interspiritual companioning & counseling, but also actively nourish their spiritual lives.

Specifically, our educational methods include:

  • Emphasize experiential learning that enables students to directly apply and hone interspiritual companioning skills through interactive exercises, reflective group discussions, and supervised practice with pro-bono clients.
  • Incorporate a blend of live online classes and eLearning modules that include pre-recorded video and audio presentations, individual and group assignments, and written homework. (All ISCC classes and group meetings are conducted via Zoom.)
  • Encourage students’ ongoing spiritual exploration and personal growth via reflective exercises and discussion, peer group meetings, private companioning sessions, and one-on-one supervision.
  • Establish clear standards for assessing student progress toward learning goals.
  • Prioritize self care as a necessary practice for Interspiritual Companions.
  • Promote shared accountability for ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion across all aspects of the program (e.g., course content, communications, the composition of ISCC’s faculty, student body, practitioners, and guest presenters).
  • Create opportunities for building an intercultural spiritual community, whereby people of different cultures develop authentic relationships via the sharing of their experiences and ideas in ways that exhibit openness, mutual respect, empathy, and a willingness to challenge assumptions.