Emergence Leadership Academy

Inspiring and courageous leadership, the kind of leadership that mobilizes people to step up and act, isn’t limited to those who were simply “born to lead.” This sort of leadership requires skills, behaviors, and a deep spiritual centeredness which, when properly developed, provide leaders with the ability to truly connect with people, build trust, and achieve great results.

Unfortunately, many organizations today, including non-profits, for-profits, government, healthcare and religious institutions struggle from a lack of effective leadership because their leaders (and those they lead) are saddled with antiquated views of what leadership is supposed to be. The number of recent books and articles on the current leadership crisis in the United States gives evidence of the seriousness of the problem. A variety of organizations are beginning to recognize that many of their leaders have lost touch with their inner voice and consequently, a necessary internal guidance. While organizations are spending billions of dollars annually on leadership development, there are very few programs available that address this problem.

The Emergence Leadership Academy offers organizational leaders, activists, spiritual warriors, and visionaries a unique development journey. In this 8-month intensive and experiential program, you will develop the skills and behaviors necessary to mobilize people, inspire action, and achieve results. You will learn to integrate contemporary leadership theories, practices and strategies with your innate spiritual wisdom, offering a fresh approach to leadership that is guided by Spirit and informed by industry best practices.

In this program, you will learn to harness the best of yourself and the best of the world’s wisdom traditions to apply them to real world situations that are desperate for a new approach. You will learn how to lead from a core of presence and compassion, making you a stronger and more effective leader who is equipped to navigate complexity, inspire action, and achieve lasting results.

Program Overview:

Emergence Leadership Academy is offered as a Part-Time 8-month program, offered in a combination of in-person intensives and weekends, and synchronous online learning.

  • The program begins with a 4-day, 3 night immersive and intensive experience.
  • After the opening intensive, students will meet online for a 3-hour session once a month for two months.
  • The following month, we come together for an in-person weekend in NYC.
  • This sequence (two months online, one month in-person) then repeats itself once more.
  • The program concludes with another 4-day, 3-night intensive, culminating in capstone presentations in which students demonstrate their personal journey and leadership development.

Due to the intensive and experiential nature of this program both residential intensives must be in person. The 2 New York City weekends will also be in person but those outside of the Tri-state area may attend via Zoom Webinar. Click here to see the dates and locations for 2021.

  • Upon completion of the Emergence Leadership Academy you will receive:

    - A Certificate of Advanced Leadership Practice from One Spirit Learning Alliance

    - A toolkit of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to motivate self, mobilize people and achieve sustainable results

    - A deep personal inquiry to understand your vision, your motivations, your intrinsic needs and how to ensure they are met and a personal look at where your leadership strengths are and what opportunities exist for you to grow. And of course, a plan to reduce any gaps.

    - Established personal relationships with a lasting community of leaders with the ability to continue sharing best practice and learn from one another