There’s often a gap with leadership development, students have an amazing experience but struggle to apply the models and concepts in the real world. By offering numerous opportunities to practice within the classroom, ongoing support outside the classroom, and individualized action planning at each learning event, you will be equipped with the ability to immediately apply these practices within your personal and professional life. By continuously practicing and getting feedback along the way, you will transform into an inspirational and daring leader and become a powerful agent for change.

The program offers the following elements:

Self-Inquiry – Throughout the journey, students will be looking inward and consciously seeking to improve themselves and their leadership practice. By participating in activities, discussions, feedback and contemplative exercises, students begin to better understand their strengths and how to reach their highest potential.

Leadership Best-Practices – Students will learn and explore contemporary best practices, as well as historical leadership principles. In addition, starting from day one, students will have opportunities to practice both leadership and followership, discovering and developing their own unique leadership practice.

Sampling of Leadership Competencies Explored:

  • Communication and Feedback
  • Influence
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Courage
  • Credibility and Integrity
  • Decision Making
  • Presence
  • Systems and Power
  • Problem Solving
  • Risk Taking
  • Working through others

Resilience and Stress Management- Students will expand upon or develop a daily practice to reduce stress and strengthen mind and body.

Community – Leadership cannot happen without a community of followers. Strong leaders leverage community to inspire actionable results. In this program students will learn-by-doing, using the classroom experience to cultivate a diverse learning community where all members’ feel valued, loved, included, and cared for. Through experiences such as establishing ground rules, practicing communication strategies, and group caretaking/caregiving, the learning community is formed and continuously strengthened. This experience allows students to practice and develop the skills necessary for fostering community at their workplace or in their personal lives.

Capstone – Students will demonstrate their learning and development by sharing a capstone presentation in front of their community.

  • Upon completion of the Emergence Leadership Academy you will receive:

    - A Certificate of Advanced Leadership Practice from One Spirit Learning Alliance

    - A toolkit of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to motivate self, mobilize people and achieve sustainable results

    - A deep personal inquiry to understand your vision, your motivations, your intrinsic needs and how to ensure they are met and a personal look at where your leadership strengths are and what opportunities exist for you to grow. And of course, a plan to reduce any gaps.

    - Established personal relationships with a lasting community of leaders with the ability to continue sharing best practice and learn from one another