Companions in Care

Spiritual Counseling for Uncertain Times

A Six Month Certificate Program

These are clearly unprecedented times. In the midst of massive uncertainty, heartbreak, anger, and fear, all of the inner work, skills, and training we have acquired are needed now more than ever. And those of us who spiritually counsel or companion others in professional caregiving capacities (ministers, therapists, chaplains, healthcare professionals, first responders, etc.) are also facing many of the same questions and challenges of those we work with.

So then how do we:

  • Engage with people in the deeper spiritual conversations that times like these demand?
  • Remain present and awake in the face of ongoing suffering and loss?
  • Develop and anchor practices to care for the soul, the body, emotions, and the mind?
  • Sustain a sense of connection to self, others, and source when our usual ways of meeting and gathering are not available to us?
  • Cultivate spiritual stamina and resiliency to keep showing up in service and support?
  • Offer service that is grounded, integrated, and skillful?

This professional training intensive will explore these questions and more.

It is a practice-based, certificate program designed for those professionals who are actively engaged in service in areas such as spiritual counseling, ministry, therapy, chaplaincy, healthcare, and first response as well as those who have a desire to be of service during this challenging time. You will learn to refresh, hone, and deepen your spiritual caregiving skills while strengthening your own practice as a foundation for service to others. We'll explore the ongoing, emerging, and evolving needs of this time, cultivate the skills to effectively meet those needs, and give and receive support in a community of like-minded, like-hearted spiritual care professionals. As a part of the training, you will need to be in service to individuals or a community.

Over this 6-month, 8-session training, we will explore and cultivate a deepening capacity to:

  • Find meaning and purpose in times of crisis and uncertainty
  • Bear witness and stay awake in the presence of suffering
  • Strengthen sacred listening skills to discern how the divine is seeking to be known at this time
  • Tap into sources of soul nourishment, to replenish ourselves and give from inner abundance
  • Companion the journey of individual and collective loss, trauma, and grief
  • Grow spiritual resiliency and stamina for now and post-COVID times
  • Anchor in the essential self/inner wisdom/compassionate witness as we offer service to others
  • Be flexible and responsive to the evolving spiritual needs of this unpredictable, changing time

Each day-long training day will include:

  • An in-depth presentation focused on skills and practices to explore the themes and capacities described above
  • Experiential learning – e.g., Fishbowl sessions with experienced spiritual counselors followed by discussion of the skills and practices demonstrated
  • Two spiritual counseling practicum sessions with live supervision and debrief

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate in “Spiritual Counseling for Uncertain Times.” This certificate will indicate your completion of 48 hours of instructional/professional development.