Applying to One Spirit


Please Note: Admissions for the Seminary and the Interspiritual Companioning & Counseling program are open for the 2021/2022 school year.
Please contact admissions to discussion options for starting with us.

We hope that you have had some time to explore our website and get to know our programs and community. And/or that you have joined us for an “Experience Session” to get a taste of what it’s like to study here while learning more about each program.

An Opportunity for Discovery - An Invitation into Discernment

We view the admissions process as a discernment practice, an opportunity for reflection and discovery. Whether you are being called to a higher level of service, or simply feel ready to bring mind and heart into harmony as you move through your life, we want to help you uncover what your own inner wisdom is guiding you towards and to see if One Spirit is the next step in exploring and developing you inner life. This is done in three parts:

STEP 1: Discernment Call: We invite you to schedule an informal chat with the admissions team to gain a personal perspective on the One Spirit experience and to help you determine if one of our core programs is right for you. It’s a 30-minute casual conversation inviting you to go deeper into your heart and explore where you're being called to contribute to the world.

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STEP 2: Written Personal Inquiry: One Spirit's on-line application guides you on a path of self-exploration through seven short essay questions (150-250 words or less) and a spiritual journey essay of up to 1000 words. The invitation is to give yourself the time and space to retrace the steps of your spiritual path and see how your experiences have brought you to this point. In addition, you will round out your profile with two references from people who can speak to your commitment to service, one professional and one personal (not family members), who will be invited by email to complete an online recommendation form when you list them on your application. You will seal your application with a small fee ($50) to demonstrate your commitment to the process.

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STEP 3: Discernment Dialog: The final step is where you have an intimate and openhearted one-hour conversation with one of our team to go more deeply into your history, your skills and challenges, and your vision for the future. Specific questions are used as launching points for rich and vibrant sharing.

212 . 931 . 6840 ext. 151


One Spirit Learning Alliance welcomes all qualified adults, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. All applications are reviewed and each candidate is carefully considered. Acceptance into the program is based heavily on the applicant’s character and emotional and spiritual maturity.

  • A serious commitment to their spiritual life
  • A desire to be of service to the world
  • A recognition that there are many valid paths
  • A commitment to self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • A determination to grow and self-correct under a range of circumstances
  • A desire to deepen their understanding and experience of the Infinite Presence
  • An interest in bringing spirit into their relationships

Formal academic requirements are reviewed but not required for admission; however applicants must be able to communicate, read, and write at a post-secondary educational level. Building healthy community is an important part of the One Spirit experience. Applicants are expected to demonstrate the ability to function as part of a community. This entails a commitment to emotional and spiritual integrity, honest communication, and responsible speech and behavior.


Admission decisions are made throughout the year beginning in late October/early November and up to the start of classes (class dates for seminary, class dates for ISC, class dates for ELA). We anticipate classes will be filled to capacity. Students are encouraged to APPLY EARLY to insure consideration. Please allow two to four weeks to complete the Admissions process.

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