Giving a gift of stock to One Spirit

Giving charitable donations through the use of appreciated stock gives a benefit to both the donor and the non-profit organization. By giving your charitable donation to One Spirit by a direct transfer of stock held for more than a year, you will recognize a significant tax benefit in addition to the standard charitable deduction given for donations.

One Spirit now has a Fidelity account to help facilitate these donations for you. Fidelity also has a calculator tool which you can use to see just how much in tax savings you can expect as well as how it increases the amount you are giving when you make your gifts to One Spirit in stock.

If you are ready to make a gift of appreciated stock to us, please use this information to help your broker transfer the stock to us. Please ask your broker to make the transfer to the following account:

Fidelity Investments
DTC Code 0226
Account Number: Z48-763811

For general Fidelity assistance, please call 800-343-3548 Please also make sure that you alert Ilene Sameth at of your gift. Most often stock arrives without a name attached and it is important that we know you made the donation so the appropriate amount is credited to your account.