It’s Not Enough

Rev. Diane Berke, Founder, and Spiritual Director
Ilene Sameth, Chief Executive Officer
Rev. Brad Learmonth, President Of The Board

We have watched in horror this week the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer and recoiled at the brutality of it.

One Spirit Goes Beyond

A One Spirit Town Hall
6:30 PM ET

The extraordinary need in the world today has catalyzed One Spirit Learning Alliance (One Spirit) to open its training to more students than ever before.

Wisdom from Seminary – Year 2

In our April Second Year Seminary weekend, we explored tools to help us more skillfully be and deal with conflict.

Students had the opportunity to explore which of five styles of approaching conflict - collaboration, competition, compromise, accommodation, avoidance - they most typically engage in, as well as learning to distinguish between the position (or demand) a person presents in a conflict and the deeper interest (or need) being expressed through that position.