The Learning Organization

Creating a culture of authentic truth-sharing that is enriching, enlivening, and nourishing to all

The One Spirit Learning Alliance is committed to creating a culture of learning, one that sees every situation as an opportunity for growth and one in which we can tell the truth authentically and without fear. We encourage and solicit the receipt of feedback, as an organization and as individuals, in order to allow each of us to offer and/or receive from others that which we cannot see about ourselves.

Operational Nourishment

Feedback allows us the ability to birth, develop, and maintain creative quality programming through the sharing of our collective intelligence. To accomplish this we encourage and practice the use of skillful and effective means that are:

  • Situation, task, or goal oriented
  • Action and or/behavior oriented
  • Result and/or impact oriented
  • Supportive, helpful, and empathic
  • Specific, detailed, and based on fact

At the One Spirit Learning Alliance we encourage direct feedback. Staff and Board Members are receptive to receiving input on ways of improving our effectiveness, and we regularly offer surveys at the conclusion of our programs and classes. All feedback received is reviewed, and recommendations warranting change are examined further by the One Spirit leadership for future program enhancements. And of course, responses are always kept confidential.

Through the effective giving and receiving of feedback we create opportunities to:

  • Improve our programs and class quality
  • Build skills
  • Improve relationships
  • Offer creativity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enhance effectiveness
  • Change behaviors
  • Impact group culture

We invite you to join us in creating a culture of authentic truth-sharing that is enriching, enlivening, and nourishing to all.