Vision & Mission


To inspire and advance the evolution of sacred consciousness in service to individuals, communities and the earth.


Our mission is to offer experiential interfaith and interspiritual education and professional training to support personal transformation and prepare spiritual leaders.

Organizational Core Values

Authentic Community – Built on honesty, trust, support, unconditional love, collaboration, we create a Spiritual home where deep listening, safety, nurturance and connection are celebrated.

Consciousness of the Sacred – We strive to remain awake to the Sacred in all things through commitment to spiritual practice, conscious presence and deep compassion for self and others.

Inclusivity – With the respect, and open-mindedness of the interspiritual perspective, we honor individuality, diversity, the wholeness of the human experience (both darkness and light) and the universal expressed through all authentic wisdom paths and traditions.

Integrity – We build trust through transparency, professional ethics, the setting of healthy boundaries and living honest and authentic lives.

Lifelong Learning - Recognizing the process of spiritual maturation and transformative growth is life long, we commit to cultivating humility, beginners mind and openness to all of life as our teacher.

Sacred Service – Understanding that Sacred Service is compassion in action we commit to service rooted in Being and act in the world with courage and openness to grace.