About Us

Awaken your mind. Open your heart. Offer them to the world.

As sacred consciousness evolves in a diverse yet increasingly interconnected world, One Spirit inspires passionate, caring individuals and communities to live engaged lives of authenticity, celebration, compassionate service, and integrity.

We believe that a rich inner life and a tangible quality of personal depth is the source of all meaningful action. Every day each of us faces two important questions:

  • Are we truly happy?
  • Have we left the people we met and the world we live in a better place?

At One Spirit all of our programs are aimed at helping us answer ‘Yes’ to both questions. Each offering, in its own way, is based upon the essential teachings of the world’s great spiritual traditions as seen in the light of contemporary knowledge.

An Attitude of Service

A Heartfelt Integral Approach

  • A heartfelt teaching style that is simultaneously experiential, rigorous, and personally transformative.
  • An Inter-Spiritual perspective that looks at the deep teachings of the world’s wisdom traditions with an understanding that the emergent wisdom, when taken as a whole, provides a better picture of reality than any individual tradition taken on its own.
  • An Integral approach that weaves together the ancient traditions with contemporary knowledge in creative ways that speak directly to the heart of 21st century life.
  • A developmental view that presents human evolution as a multi-step process that unfolds to an inner rhythm of each person’s soul.

As our culture is rapidly evolving, so too is the leading edge of spirituality, implicitly calling for each individual to progress to a higher state of consciousness or “enlightenment” in action. Simultaneously, a new ecology of pedagogical roles is emerging, including Integral Evolutionary Mentors and Ministers.

We believe that advances in psychology, neuroscience, organizational development, educational theory, cultural studies and other relevant disciplines shed critical light on ancient teachings. They also help us discriminate between those aspects of the teachings that are timeless, and those that are cultural expressions relevant to another time and place.

We seek an authentic experience that encourages us to be wiser and more compassionate. Life itself becomes a spiritual practice, liberating the Divine spark in each of us. We seek to:

  • Make peace within ourselves
  • Have healthy and effective personal and professional relationships
  • Be a positive difference in the world

Our aim is to encourage an authentic, science-integrative spirituality appropriate to the 21st century. All of our programs are designed to foster the capacity to make a positive difference at home, at work and in the world.