Interspiritual Companioning and Counseling Info Session – February 24

Interspiritual Companioning and Counseling Info Session –  February 24

Dates: Wednesday , February 24th at 7PM ET.
Available by: Join by Videoconference Only (learn more about videoconference)
Price: This is a free event!


We are so excited to announce our new professional Interspiritual Companioning & Counseling training program!

ISCC was informed to address the ever-changing challenges so prevalent in the world today. We recognize the growing understanding that fitting into "a neat spiritual box" may no longer suffice and there is a growing need for trained spiritual counselors to support spiritual seekers in cultivating their inner wisdom.

Please join us for our first info session on Wednesday, February 24th, at 7pm EST, for what is sure to be an engaging, thoughtful, spirit-filled evening in community. We'll engage in sharing and practice while learning more about ISCC and its facilitators!

We'll invite you to contemplate your:
Curiosity about your purpose and how this work might fulfill that
Desire for a more fulfilling life in sharing your gifts in more uplifting and meaningful ways
Commitment to service that's been ignited through your personal life experiences

And if you've arrived at a place of strong clarity and readiness to begin your development as an Interspiritual Companion/Counselor, learn more about if this program is a good fit for you. We hope to see you on February 24th!

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Nathan Brisby

Rev. Nathan Brisby

Rev. Nathan Brisby is an ordained Interfaith Minister and Interspiritual Counselor. He grew up in a deeply evangelical Christian home, and through the grace and mystery of Spirit’s movement, he went through the initiation sacrament of coming out in his early 20s, which plunged him into a deep spiritual journey that continues to this day. For his primary vocational service, he leads the talent function for a large national labor organization. As a spiritual teacher, he has led workshops on a variety of topics, including on building self-care practices, the Bible reclaimed for the LGBTQIA+ experience, inclusive practices, mindful leadership, leading change, compassion fatigue, giving and receiving feedback, meditation as social change, mindful leadership, high impact communication, dismantling white supremacy, and many others. Prior to his service in the labor movement, he worked in animal welfare. For over a decade, Nathan was also a professional actor and an award-winning musical theatre writer. Nathan founded a not for profit, Broadway Gives Back, which connects non-profits with the Broadway community. His private interspiritual counseling practice focuses on the spiritual needs of the animal welfare, Broadway, and LGBTQ+ communities.

Khadijah Matin

Rev. Dr. Khadijah Matin

Rev. Dr. Khadijah Matin has established a solid record of commitment to education and faith-based organizations, serving in multiple leadership and organization development roles as training manager, national board member and ongoing consultant. Building upon her interests in her family history and social justice work, Khadijah conducts extensive research in regards to the role family history plays in shaping identity and community. Current projects include historical work based on her family history; creating models for social workers to include family history and storytelling as healing methods in creating stronger personal awareness and family dynamics, and an interfaith workbook for active engagement in one’s faith and sacred readings. Further experience in nonprofit governance and administration is demonstrated through her participation as a member of the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society; and recently the Association of Muslim Chaplains. Additionally, in recognition of her works in intercultural dialogue and civic engagement she was appointed as an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow, and developed social entrepreneurial initiatives models for faith leaders. Khadijah has an MS in education from Fordham University. She was ordained an Interfaith Minister at One Spirit in 2006 and completed the ISC Program in 2010. She earned her D.Min. from New York Theological Seminary in 2012, in Multi-faith ministry. Always inspired by her three adult children, Khadijah is called by some as a “woman who walks through walls” and sees her works as her calling and a continuation of her family’s traditions in the ministry, education, and health, fulfilling the civil rights and social justice dreams of her ancestors.

Kara Coleman

Kara Coleman, MA, SC

Kara Coleman, MA, SC is an alumnus of One Spirit’s Interspiritual Companioning/Counseling Program who holds a Master’s Degree in Social Service Administration with a specialization in Family Support from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Hampton University as well as professional certifications in life coaching, energy leadership, and nonprofit management. Through leadership roles that span philanthropic, education, and grassroots sectors, she has been dedicated to facilitating personal and community transformation that promotes well being for more than 20 years. Much of her current work is centered around understanding the connection between our outer experience and inner state of being, accessing inspiration and our innermost wisdom in ways that catalyze empowered action, and building competencies that cultivate mindfulness, compassion, authenticity, self care, and resilience. Her heartfelt passion is supporting others to be fully and freely themselves, share their gifts, and experience what it means to thrive.

REv. Dr. Ed O'Malley

Rev. Dr. Ed O’Malley

Rev. Dr. Ed O’Malley has been a senior Dean in the One Spirit Interspiritual Counseling Program for the past several years. He is a One Spirit ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister, trained Shamanic energy medicine practitioner and a certified Nature Awareness Trainer. Ed also holds a PhD in neuroscience from Cornell University and board certification in Sleep Medicine and neurofeedback. Ed uses his broad background and training as a way to bring all facets of current knowledge to bear on our spiritual journey. He strives to extend deep awareness of the Natural World and integrate it with our inner world, emphasizing our interconnection with all life and the Spirit that moves through all things. As an ordained Interfaith Minister and Shaman with neuroscientific knowledge, Ed helps people to expand their spiritual awareness by reacquainting them with their own Divinity using practices centered on meeting body, mind and soul in Nature.


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