Special Offer: Discounted Workshop Packages

Special Offer: Discounted Workshop Packages
Dates: September 2020 through May 2021
Available by: Live Videoconference or Online Recordings
Package Price:
    3 Credit Package: $ 265.00 (One Spirit Graduates: $ 235.00)
    4 Credit Package: $ 320.00

With the flexibility to learn at your own pace, our workshop packages can add richness to your ongoing education, perspective, and experience! Enjoy this invitation to develop and deepen your own spiritual and professional practice.

  • Up to 4 credits worth of courses (live or recorded videoconference)
  • Save up to $80 off the workshops you take, plus get deep discounts toward additional workshops after you have exhausted your included credits
  • Easy instant registration: Pay once then "Use Pre-Purchased Credits" when registering without entering payment information again
  • Matriculating students may fulfill program elective requirements for the upcoming year by:
    • choosing the 4 credit package option
    • completing your coursework by May 30th of the current school year
    • submitting a one-page reflection paper, per course, to your full-term program dean next year

Note: One Spirit Workshops can be paid for with 1 or 2 pre-purchased credits. Some courses may occasionally include an upcharge - for longer courses or to cover material fees.

Click here to preview this year's catalog, in a new window and complete the form below to enroll. We hope to see you in our worldwide videoconference classroom very soon!