Sacred Activism: A Path of Radical Inner and Outer Transformation

Sacred Activism: A Path of Radical Inner and Outer Transformation

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The world is at a tipping point, with climate breakdown, political and economic turmoil, and stubborn narratives of dominance and separation. It seems nearly impossible for humanity to keep living as it has. What the world needs now are people who are fully awake to the crisis we face on this planet and are following their unique callings to live in service to a hurting world. It needs people who are done with false hope and are willing and ready to bring themselves wholly to a path of radical personal and collective transformation. The world needs sacred activists.

Discover and deepen your vocation and gain concrete tools for greater impact in the world through contemplative practice, self-inquiry, analysis of social movements, community building, and more.

Together, we will learn

  • How to cultivate resilience in order to navigate this tremendous shift in human consciousness
  • A framework of sacred activism that is integrative and holistic
  • How to listen to our individual and collective callings and move into transformative action


Chelsea MacMillan

Rev. Chelsea MacMillan

Rev. Chelsea MacMillan is a spiritual director, writer, facilitator, and climate organizer with Extinction Rebellion NYC. She’s cofounder of Brooklyn Center for Sacred Activism, cohost of The Rising: Spirituality for Revolution podcast, and her writing has appeared in Anchor magazine, the book Anatomy of Silence, and Order of the Sacred Earth: An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action, a compilation of essays by Matthew Fox, Skylar Wilson, and Jennifer Listug.


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