Internal Alchemy: Self Healing Through Taoist Principles

Internal Alchemy: Self Healing Through Taoist Principles

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Price: General Public: $ 225.00 | One Spirit Graduates: $ 180.00 0.00
One Spirit Elective Credit: 2.0


Discover the healing power of Taoist principles. This workshop will help participants access the four keys of movement, breath, visualization, and sound. We will unlock the alchemical and transformational process inside of us in order to balance our bodies and lives.

We’ll address the three treasures of the body, mind, and breath (spirit) to help us unlock, nourish, and integrate all parts of ourselves for our highest self-expression and healing.

This dive into Taoist principles will allow you to

  • Discover foundational information on the energetics of our organs, and their associating color and sound
  • Access the power of breath as practiced from a Taoist perspective
  • Appropriate ways to support survivors and their loved ones
  • Gain a basic understanding of how to alchemize health, wellness, vitality, and clarity within to balance your qi through Qigong, acupressure, cleansing the organ with sound, visualizing the healing color of each organ and meridian, and Xi breathing techniques


Diane Rooney

Rev. Diane Rooney

Rev. Dr. Diane Rooney is an ordained interspiritual minister with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. She is also a doctor of oriental medicine, reiki master, licensed massage therapist, board certified herbologist, and first-year dean. She has taught acupuncture and Eastern healing techniques and Taoism for 19 years, and has her own private practice in New York City. She holds the 2014 award for Worldwide Leader in Health Care, Top Integrative Acupuncturist. She is co-author of many books and research articles on the effectiveness of Chinese medicine.


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