Conscious Communication: Intentional communication with Self, Spirit, and Other

Conscious Communication: Intentional communication with Self, Spirit, and Other

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One Spirit Elective Credit: 1.0


The word “communication” stems from the same root word as “community” and “communion.” Whether you feel challenged as a communicator or consider yourself adept, this workshop offers an opportunity to advance your communication skills in a supportive community. Conscious communication is not only a matter of speaking or listening, praying or contemplating/meditating, and reading or writing, it is the art of the dance with all of these.

Across four evenings, we will explore nuances in communication – first with Self, then with Spirit, and finally with Others. We’ll read excerpts from classical texts about dialogue and utilize journal writing for personal reflection and spiritual practice.

Bring your sense of wonder and your favorite words, and take advantage of this time, during which we will:

  • Practice conscious communication skills–discernment of word choice and listening with the whole self
  • Explore reading and writing for secular use and spiritual practice
  • Look at the effects of being more intentional in “dialogue” with self, becoming more authentic with Spirit, and deepening human connections with others


Nura Hirmina

Rev. Nura Hirmina

Rev. Nura Hirmina was ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary as an Interfaith/Interspiritual minister in 2014 and completed the Interspiritual Counseling program (ISC) in 2016. Nura holds a BS in Business Administration, an MBA in Global Management and a Doctor of Ministry (DMIN) degree. Nura is a life-long student of the world’s faith and mystery traditions and embraces secular spirituality as her path. With over two decades of corporate experience, Nura strives to blend the secular and the spiritual in her daily life. She approaches every interaction as an opportunity to engage in kindness as a spiritual practice.

Laura Billings

Rev. Laura Billings

Rev. Laura Billings holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and was Associate Director of the National Paideia Center for over twenty years. Much of her work has focused on thoughtful, collaborative dialogue as a process for learning and building community. Laura is co-author of four books and several articles on the relationship between thinking and communication. Laura is also a life-long student of philosophy and spirituality. She is a certified yoga teacher and a dedicated yoga practitioner. Laura graduated from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in 2020. She is deeply committed to spirit, mind, and body integration.


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